Friday, August 3, 2007

New Graphic T-shirts!

I expect to be completed with all my big orders by Monday. Yeah!!! I have already been focusing on my new fall collection and can't wait to get it in my shop. I hate to say though that it won't be until September! I have a vacation/family reunion coming up in about two weeks and will be taking this time to catch up on some housework, organize my studio, and make lots of cool stuff for my fall collection. I do have a fabulous announcement though!!!

I started doing some graphic t-shirt designing. I honestly have so many ideas that flow through my head and never enough time to bring them to life via my current medium of applique; so this will be a fabulous outlet. You can currently purchase my graphic t-shirts through my second Lemons and Lollis shop; however, I will be adding these to my main shop by September. I have a lot more designs to come so please check back often!

Oh... one last thing - please see my main blog and vote if you want to see an organic product line!
Above are a few of my graphic designs that are currently available here!

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  1. Hi korina!
    I loved your new design for T-shirt when be ready to order those?
    with love and care,