Thursday, October 8, 2009

Treasury Feature and a Favorite New shop!

I have to do a quick shout out to Rach from Roxy Creations. First of all her shop is to die for!!! I love it when I am lucky enough to find a talented artist like this. Her shop is stunning!! Click the link below to go and see for yourself:


and.... the reason for the shout out... is to thank her for featuring my Stick puppets in an awesome treasury. See it here:

Thanks a bunch Rach.. and best of luck with your shop.

Monday, October 5, 2009

We're Back! Sort of!! :*)

We'll I've been out of the loop forever. I sincerely apologize for not even having the time to keep my blog updated. I'll do a quick synopsis of the last 9 months of my life.

I had my son Jan. 3rd.. super cute, healthy, and the sweetest little guy you'll ever meet!

March I took the kids home (WA state) for a visit with all the grandparents and family.

Mid March - hurt my back - had to have a micro disectamy on my lower spine.. yikes! Wasn't fun, although quite the blessing that it happened in WA where I had all my family to help with my kids. This turned my 3 week trip to WA state into a 3 Month stay while I healed.

Late June returned home to Florida... and slowly tried to get into a routine by myself with the kids. I flew my brother back with me to help for 2 weeks and ended up putting him to work painting the kids rooms and helping me decorate them. I hadn't even had my son's room together yet.

August... my oldest daughter celebrated her 4th birthday and started pre-school... Tears... and Tears of Joy. Scary and fun all at the same time. She's so ready for the stimulation... mommy just wasn't quite ready to let my first baby start the never ending path of school days and letting go. She's doing fantastic by the way!!

That leads me to now! I'm slowly getting time to work on my shop. Although it's been really hard now that I've given up my craft room to my son. I now share the playroom as my craft room. This makes it super challenging especially now that I have a son crawling who likes to stick everything in his mouth! Yikes! So I've decided to focus on smaller runs, completely hand-sewn items. I am really enjoying this now since I can focus on the best part of having my own shop which is creating what I love and focusing on the details.

I just listed some of my latest projects. Some hair bow holders - for all that couture hair candy you buy. I've also made some felt puppets and some hand embroidered artwork. Here are a few pics above.

Thanks for all the kind and loving words. My customers never cease to amaze me. I truly am blessed with the best customers.

Heres to you, CHEERS!