Thursday, October 2, 2008


So I have to share with you all my latest creative project. I finally sacrificed my unused dining room to make the coolest playroom for my daughter and soon to be son. I really tried to not girlie it up too bad - which is so hard for me to do. I'm so into girly things, but I'll let you be the judge.

I got super lucky with a huge discount at Pottery barn for their Cameron playroom storage. I got their floor models at 50% off. I really just got lucky - I had been wanting these forever, but honestly couldn't bring myself to spend the money. Then one day I finally decided, I'm just going to save up the money for these. So I went in and struck up a conversation with the sales clerk (she may have been the manager) and was trying to figure out exactly what I wanted and how much I would need to save up. She then says "I'll tell ya what, I just got an email that we need to re-merchandise the store and I can sell you these floor models for 50% off". I screamed I'll take them! You never see them marked down that low and I couldn't believe my ears. It was exactly what I had been looking out - color and everything!! So that started off the playroom makeover.

Then.... I started thinking I really need to get a play tent for my daughter. Everyday my poor couch was getting torn apart as she created her next fort out of cushions and blankets.
After getting really tired (partly because I'm pregnant) of putting the cushions on the couch every time I wanted to sit down and relax I finally went on the search for the perfect play tent. There are so many cute ones out there. Pottery barn has an awesome play tent that hangs from the ceiling. I also found these super cute cloth play tents that a lady made which were even more spectacular. But, after coming down to reality and realizing I couldn't spend $100 - $350.00 on a play tent I figured I could just make one! I have tons of fabric laying around from my shop so I used the scraps I had to piece together what I think is a super cute tent - plus it matches the decor. I even added these really cute Christmas lights that have tin covered star shaped cutouts around each light so it casts a star like glow inside the tent.

I already had the play table which I bought a long while ago from Land of Nod - Another store I absolutely LOVE!!! So the last thing I needed was some floor cushions. Another search ensued and again - I thought, hey I can just make some of these. I already had some large pillow forms I had bought a while back for a project that never came to be and again I raided my fabric stash to come up with some monogrammed pillows. I monogrammed an "E" for my daughter Eeva and a "K" for my soon to be son Kalevi. I think these turned out super cute.

I'm still searching for that perfect rug to tie it all together... but haven't had much luck. I always have the hardest time committing to rugs for some reason.

Anyways... I'm so proud of my little project and best of all now I can contain all her toys in one room - this has been so nice!! I'm not tripping over toys in every room of the house now. YEAH!
Hopefully I can inspire some of you moms with my little projects. I would be happy to answer any questions just send me a convo via my shop and I'll get back to you as soon as I can.

Happy Crafting!