Sunday, November 18, 2007

NEW Eeva Dress

I call this eeva dress "finlandia" it just has that swedish/finland style print. Large geometric in fun shades of pink, raspberry, brick and various shades of green. It reverses to a beautiful filigree print in a brick color. This particular eeva dress is priced a little higher than normal due to the high quality cotton. I typically use a high quality quilters cotton for my dresses and this cotton even out performs that! It is a superior grade cotton - you have to feel it to appreciate it. This is unlike anything you will find in childrens clothing today. I absolutely love it! I am constantly striving to bring my customers the highest quality childrens clothing that is modern and unique. This dress is no exception. These sell out super fast (my cherry bomb eeva dress I just listed 3 weeks ago is already sold out)... So you were warned! :*)
To shop: please click here!


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