Wednesday, November 7, 2007

New Collection

A lot of you may remember this fabric print from some of my prior lines. It was so super popular and one of my personal favorites. So I was so bummed when I tried to re-order it from the manufacturer only to find out they discontinued it. So how did I get it? We'll I am always checking out various fabric stores (imagine that), and happened across an obscure fabric shop in North Carolina. I found a few yards left of this moda fabric and scooped it up immediately. Knowing, it is sold out EVERYWHERE!! Trust me I looked and looked! Anyways... so here it is... long story short introducing my "Daisy Chain" line. Enjoy!
Only available at Lemons and Lollis

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  1. Your handmade baby gifts are absolutely adorable! I saw your site on BlogCatalog for the first time this evening. I will list your Blog as one of my favorites. It is truly a hidden treasure!