Tuesday, June 5, 2007

WILD CHILD handmade Onesie, BIB, Burp Cloth, Barrettes

I say this all the time - but everytime I make a new creation - I SWEAR it is my favorite... and this one is no exception. I call it my WILD CHILD. Which would have been perfect for my little baby girl - as she was just that. Keeping her Daddy and I up till all hours of the night. Her days and nights were mixed up for what seemed to be an eternity! Thankfully mommy won the battle (still fighting the war) and she sleeps through the night! My husband is already asking for baby number 2 - how quickly he forgets - eh? Personally I don't think I am ready for all those sleepless nights again! They are still fresh in my memory! To see more of my creations click here.

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