Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Etsy treasury FRONT PAGE!

WOW.... WOW.... - can I say WOW??? I made it on the front page of ETSY for the first time! Not only that but two of my items were in the treasury listing! The sad part is - I totally missed it. I have been working on my blog - well more like "tearing my hair out" over my blog over the last two days. I know it doesn't show it, but learning html code isn't as easy as it may appear. Especially when we are talking about a total computer illiterate human being (yep, believe it or not - I am a very slow learned... computer tech! - LOL - I am using the word tech very liberally)... Anyways... So back to my bragging!!! I am so ecstatic! Check out the treasury before it dissappears (it is no longer on the front page - (this is me with tears running down my face)... but it is a great kids list anyways... As always - I have some great fabric from MODA - called urban chicks - It was on backorder for 3 months - and I finally got it - so keep your eye out for some great new creations!! You will love this stuff!!

GREAT BIG THANKS GOES TO Pumpkin Head Baby Co. for choosing Lemons and Lollis to be featured in her treasury!.. Check her store out - Super cute!!!

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