Thursday, September 20, 2007

Vinyl Critters!

I guess you could say my daughter is becoming quite spoiled. Now, that I am adding all these new products to my shop I always make sure to set one aside for her. Not only to have my built in product tester, but often when a new shipment arrives she immediately thinks it's something for her. So needless to say both of us were screaming with joy when the shipment of vinyl critters showed up! I have to give Stephanie (the creator and artists) a huge shout - out! I am so in love with these critters I honestly stole my daughters from her. Maybe it's the vinyl - it's so flexible and soft - I was pretty surprised by this fact. Or... it could be the smell of the vinyl; maybe it reminded me of my dad's old el Camino. If you are reading this and saying to your self "what the heck is an el Camino" you are seriously going to make me feel old - so just play along!
Anyways, back to my product tester - a.k.a. my daughter. She immediately grabs the pink giraffe (which she has now adopted as her own)... and made him walk across the floor. She then started making this elephant noise (I'm still am not sure if she knows the difference between a giraffe and an elephant - or it could be that mommy can't quite distinguish the noises either). It was so darn cute I went to grab my camera. Unfortunately my batteries were dead and I missed that Kodak moment. Long story short I am screaming with joy to share these vinyl critters with you. Now available at! Enjoy!

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