Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Toddler Dresses!!! YIPEE!

I have been "chomping' at the bit" (who says that anyways)... to make toddler dresses - partly because my little sweet pea can't wear my creations anymore - she is growing like a weed!!! Plus.. I wanted to create lines that wouldn't leave big sis out. My goal is to have a baby collection and a coordinating toddler girl collection. That way when the new baby is born - big sis can get a little surprise too!!!

When I came across Joel Dewberry's new collection - I knew this was it! I am so pleased with how this dress turned out. It's simple and classic design will make it timeless. It is extremely well constructed with surged seams that are completely encased in the dress - making it a great hand-me-down dress lasting lifetimes. It is reversible giving you two designer looks in one. Plus it is roomy enough you can layer it over a simple white t-shirt and jeans as the seasons begin to change giving your little girl that bohemian chic look! Finally, the cherry on top, I will use it as a cover-up. My daughters latest trick is dribbling her drink down her chin and onto whatever clothes she happens to be wearing. So... I'll keep one in my bag and when we are out shopping and we need a quick wardrobe change - I can throw it over her clothes and we are off!!!

I call it my eeva dress - named after my sweet pea - see more at


  1. Hey girl!! It's me (jenna lou) from the willow fabric coop. I was just searching etsy for joel dewberry to see what's out already when I came across your shop and blog. AND I just gotta say HOW CUTE!! Your shop is making me want to have a kiddlet... I wish my boyfriends cousins were still younger... they would definitely be getting a joel dewberry dress!!

    anyways I'm going to add your link to my link list on my blog :D

    Take care.. and see you around :D
    Jenna Lou

  2. How cute your little one is! Your blog is so FaNcY! I need lessons...

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