Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Baby Birdie needs a Home! Continued...

I am so in love with my latest creation... I told my husband the other night (not to brag) but I never cease to amaze myself.... I think the more I do creatively the more ideas come to my head.. if I only had time to bring them all to life! Then of course My big head... is brought back to earth when I stare in amazement at all the creative juices flying out of ETSY... Then I remember exactly where my head should be - tied to my shoulders and not floating in the clouds!... hee.hee... Anyways... I still love it and have to brag... I have tons of new stuff being added to my sight - it just takes time... so please check it out! Thanks for looking and please shop etsy - it is a great place filled with kind caring - TALENTED - did I mention TALENTED people!

OH... P.S. I also got another Treasury Listing on ETSY - this is just a list of all my favorite Etsy things... Check it out... See link below.

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